Legal Affairs Staff & Services

The Office of Legal Affairs (OLA) represents the institution and offers guidance on a wide range of issues including operations, transactions and litigation management. The legal staff researches the law and provides advice for administrative offices and academic entities based on applicable federal and state laws and regulations, UT System Board of Regents Rules, and the UTHSCSA Handbook of Operating Procedures. The OLA also assists in analyzing and advising on the legal implications of policy decisions including:

  • Regulatory and Governance Matters
  • Employee Matters
  • Student Matters
  • Civil Rights Matters
  • Participation on Advisory Councils
  • Legal Review of UTHSCSA Policies
  • Legal Review Related to Health Care
  • Claims Verification Inquieries:


Below is a list of the members of the OLA staff and their primary areas of responsibility.

Jack C. Park, Assistant Vice President, Chief Legal Officer

Hailey Mullican, Attorney

Carol L. Kopplin, Manager, Legal Support (Assistant to Jack Park, Matthew Grove)

Matthew Grove, Attorney

Alexa Moore, Attorney (Healthcare Claims Management)

Priya Patel, Attorney

Denise Love, Sr. Paralegal (Assistant to Hailey Mullican, Alexa Moore, Priya Patel)

Alain Arrieta, Legal Administrative Coordinator (Assistant to Matt Grove, Carol Kopplin)


Updated: 4/16/2021
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