Legal Affairs Services

The Office of Legal Affairs (OLA) represents the Institution and provides legal and strategic guidance on a wide range of issues including operations, transactions and litigation management. Typical areas of legal counsel include:

  • Legal, Regulatory, Accreditation and Governance Matters
  • Employee Matters
  • Student Matters
  • Clinical and Scope of Practice Matters
  • Civil Rights Matters
  • Healthcare Transactions, Privacy and Regulatory Counsel
  • Entity Formation and Maintenance
  • Claims Management and Medical Malpractice Defense
  • Ethics and Statutory Conflicts of Interest Matters
  • Texas Public Information Act Matters and Requests
  • The University of Texas System and The Board of Regents’ Rules, Policies and Procedures
  • Policy and Procedure Development


Requests for Legal Advice and related Communications between the UTHSA's Office of Legal Affairs and its client are generally subject to the attorney-client privilege of confidentiality.

For a list of FAQs and guidance regarding Senate Bill 17, click here.

For Legal Advice related to the passage of recent legislation, including SB17, please submit requests to: Team Dynamix

For General Questions, Requests for Contract Review or Claims Verification Inquiries, please submit requests to:

For Texas Public Information Act requests, please submit requests to: The Public Records Center


Updated: 10/6/2023
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