Risk Management Office

The Risk Management Office (RMO) is especially concerned with patient safety and/or patient care issues. Healthcare providers are sometimes involved in unanticipated outcomes involving patient care and may be named in claims and lawsuits. The RMO supports healthcare providers involved in incidents with patients by assisting in the investigation and evaluation of those incidents, as well as other complaints regarding patient safety and care. The RMO also conducts patient safety and risk management education throughout the University and processes credentialing requests for allied health personnel. You should call the RMO when:

  • you receive notice of a claim or lawsuit from a patient's attorney.
  • you have a concern or problem regarding patient safety and/or patient care and believe that a claim or lawsuit may be forthcoming.
  • you receive notice from a licensing agency such as the Texas Medical Board, Texas State Board of Dental Examiners, or Texas Board of Nursing, alleging professional misconduct.

Credentialing Requests
If you have any credentialing questions regarding former resident or faculty physicians please send an email to: at the UT System office. See UT System’s Professional Medical Liability Benefit Plan:

Kathy Geoghegan, Director of Risk Management, is responsible for professional health care malpractice investigations and data collection of all medical liability incidents, claims, and lawsuits involving the UTHSCSA and its health care providers including faculty, staff residents, and students. She recommends appropriate action regarding the disposition of claims and corrective action where necessary to minimize future claims. She works with the UT System, UT Office of General Counsel, Attorney General’s office and outside counsel on all professional liability litigation and coordinates responses to the Texas Medical Board for complaints filed against the UTHSCSA physicians.

Josie Pecina, Office Manager, is responsible for assisting the Director of Risk Management with the following: in preparing routine correspondence to attorneys; in medical liability cases; in requesting and copying medical records and organizing medical record for her review; creating database and maintaining case file; assist UT physicians with responding to Texas Medical Board complaints by preparing routine correspondence to attorneys; requesting and copying medical records, mailing of packet and creating and maintaining excel spreadsheet for case file; interact with departmental administrators, the Office of General Counsel, and the Attorney General’s Office with answering questions relating to medical malpractice lawsuits, gathering information, and scheduling meeting rooms for depositions; adds old cases to the database by summarizing all reports and other correspondence; types, formats, and proofreads expert reports, depositions, discharge summaries, operative reports to be used in narrative summary prepared by the Director of Risk Management.

Updated: 11/29/2016
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